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Thread: 15.4m Postcap Wizard for Sale

  1. Default 15.4m Postcap Wizard for Sale

    Hi! I'm interested in selling my postcap wizard. You'll find most of his information below. Here are some bullet points of interest:

    - 15.4m experience
    - Unique Prename Title
    - Comes with gear, including attuned items
    - 1m lifetime bounty points, all three slots unlocked on badge with quite a few upgrades done
    - CoL Master
    - Has a Landing shop
    - Perfect Stats
    - Very appropriate name for RP
    - Numerous alternative spellcasting messages
    - Easily hunts Sanctum of Scales
    - Excellent enchanter
    - Fixskills available (December 1st reset for wizards)
    - Male Sylvankind

    - Price: $700, lowered due to new guilt by association High Maintenance Customer status (see policy 20), still comes with all that was included below at the pre-HMC $1400 price. Character transfer.

    That said, here are the stats, as well as equipment and locker information...

    Race: Sylvankind Profession: Wizard (shown as: Archmage)
    Gender: Male Age: 1511 Expr: 15446861 Level: 100
    Normal (Bonus) ... Enhanced (Bonus)
    Strength (STR): 100 (25) ... 100 (25)
    Constitution (CON): 100 (25) ... 100 (25)
    Dexterity (DEX): 100 (35) ... 100 (35)
    Agility (AGI): 100 (30) ... 100 (30)
    Discipline (DIS): 91 (15) ... 91 (15)
    Aura (AUR): 100 (30) ... 100 (30)
    Logic (LOG): 100 (25) ... 100 (25)
    Intuition (INT): 100 (25) ... 100 (25)
    Wisdom (WIS): 100 (25) ... 100 (25)
    Influence (INF): 97 (23) ... 97 (23)
    Mana: 162
    (at level 100), your current skill bonuses and ranks (including all modifiers) are:
    Skill Name | Current Current
    | Bonus Ranks
    Armor Use..........................| 20 4
    Multi Opponent Combat..............| 20 4
    Physical Fitness...................| 201 101
    Arcane Symbols.....................| 302 202
    Magic Item Use.....................| 302 202
    Spell Aiming.......................| 302 202
    Harness Power......................| 302 202
    Elemental Mana Control.............| 302 202
    Elemental Lore - Air...............| 150 50
    Elemental Lore - Earth.............| 160 60
    Elemental Lore - Fire..............| 124 32
    Elemental Lore - Water.............| 160 60
    Survival...........................| 155 55
    Perception.........................| 201 101
    Climbing...........................| 160 60
    Swimming...........................| 120 30

    Spell Lists
    Major Elemental....................| 116

    Spell Lists
    Minor Elemental....................| 77

    Spell Lists
    Wizard.............................| 110
    Training Points: 10 Phy 0 Mnt (5942 Phy converted to Mnt)
    (Use SKILLS BASE to display unmodified ranks and goals)

    187 days remain until the annual FIXSKILLS is to be granted, on 05/20/2020.
    your Adventurer's Guild information is as follows:

    You currently have 21471 unspent bounty points.

    You have accumulated a total of 1074719 lifetime bounty points.

    You have 79 expedited task reassignment vouchers remaining.

    You have succeeded at the Kill Creatures task 308 times.
    You have succeeded at the Retrieve Heirloom task 289 times.
    You have succeeded at the Procure Skins task 8 times.
    You have succeeded at the Procure Gems task 199 times.
    You have succeeded at the Protect Traveller task 30 times and failed 3 times.
    You have succeeded at the Procure Herbs task 415 times.
    You have succeeded at the Kill Dangerous Creature task 299 times.
    You have succeeded at the Rescue Child task 67 times and failed 14 times.
    You have succeeded at the Kill Bandits task 3 times.
    You have succeeded at the Help Kill Bandits task 6 times.
    You've not been warned on the character X. You've been flagged as a high maintenance customer since Mon Nov 25 21:43:05 ET 2019. You're not being monitored for vulgarity. You haven't read the policy in full.
    Moving on to the inventory, we have his gear and then locker contents. He comes with a LOT of great enhancives, as well as unique and sometimes attuned things.

    You are wearing a fine deerskin charm neckpouch printed with copper glyphs, a gold-trimmed blue spidersilk greatcloak, a laje-bound gold badge tucked away in your clothing, a quintuple orb brooch tucked inside your leather buffcoat, some silver-insigiled moss green casting gloves, a small bone periapt, a tawny leather baldric slung over your shoulder, a dark leather buffcoat, a ghezyte chelioboros bracelet, a linked flame maple wristlet set with a pale golden fuchsia-tinged crystal, an enruned gold ring, a lor box, a dark leather scroll case, an archaic faenor dodecahedron, a pair of russet twill trousers, and a pair of old brown leather boots.
    You rummage through a gold-trimmed blue spidersilk greatcloak and see a snake-etched pewter torc, an enruned aquamarine necklace, a glowing urven'eth potion, a dusty black leather spellbook, an undiluted green ayan'eth potion, a simple blue dreamstone pin, a bone-inlaid pewter band, a bone-inlaid white sunstone torc, an oval-cut dragonfire opal tiara, a fire pearl inset mithril ring, a crystal-set rosewood runestaff, a crystal-set rosewood runestaff, a crystal-set rosewood runestaff, a small dark wooden armoire, a diamond-set ora armband, an ora-bound white leather prayerbook, a long-stemmed fel pipe, a dark brown briar pipe, a silver crescent moon pendant, a gem-encrusted pewter stickpin, a sapphire-set gold alloy necklace, a burnished pewter crown, a soulstone inset eonake band, a plain amethyst earcuff, an opal-inset pewter medallion, a ruby amulet, a small statue, a cord-strung amber shard bracelet, a pearl-inlaid sandy brown wand, a pale golden fuchsia-tinged crystal, a pale golden fuchsia-tinged crystal, a pale golden fuchsia-tinged crystal, a pale golden fuchsia-tinged crystal, a fire pearl inset pewter necklace, a star-cut peridot buckle, a lesser mana-well potion, a blue bubbling potion, a grot t'kel potion, a mist-swirled glass eyeball talisman, a dull silvery bloodrune, a malachite-set mithril ring, a beryl-inset pewter ring, a fine ora ring, a step-cut dragonfire opal ring, a slim silver bracelet, an kneeling figure pin, a thin gold ring, a bright gold ring, a dingy bronze compass, a small bone periapt, a small white jade-rimmed mirror, a glass bottle, a smeared scroll and a shop manifest.
    Locker Contents:

    Thinking back, you recall the contents of your locker in Ta'Illistim:

    1 a verdigris copper keyring
    2 an old mithril aventail (registered) (marked)
    3 a mist-swirled glass eyeball talisman
    4 a jade-inlaid amethyst earcuff (marked)
    5 a miniature airship-shaped box (marked)
    6 a pair of grey elesine pants
    7 a sturdy hoarbeam fishing rod with colorful painted accents
    a small lump of grey meat
    a small mithril weight
    8 a gold-trimmed dark bronze torc
    9 a dragonmist crystal shard wrapped in platinum caging
    10 a crystallized troll eye amulet
    11 a rectangular mold of clay
    12 a rectangular mold of clay
    13 a rectangular mold of clay
    14 a rectangular mold of clay
    15 a festive blue banner embroidered with a golden hawk (marked)
    16 a heavy leather harness
    17 an ora-chained dark obelisk crystal
    18 a battered tin tip cup
    19 a thin silver crystal pendant
    20 a cracked open glaes spider charm
    21 a gold-edged white moonstone pendant (marked)
    22 a witchwood trunk

    Obvious items: 24
    Specific Gear Information:

    Dark leather buffcoat (fulls) - 5x DCP (90 crit services / 7 CER)
    Scratched orase runestaff - 4x, impact flares, +8 spell aiming bonus
    Fusion runestaff - +4 dex bonus, +3 spell aiming bonus
    Step-cut dragonfire opal ring - ME 1711
    Bone-inlaid pewter band - ME 1711
    Gem-encrusted pewter stickpin - ME 1712
    Fire-pearl inset pewter necklace - MR 603
    Star-cut peridot buckle - MR Manna
    Oval-cut dragonfire opal tiara - ME Soul Ward
    Brushed pewter crown - ME 303
    Plain amethyst earcuff - ME 712
    Soulstone inset eonake band - ME 606
    Beryl-inset pewter ring - MR Dragonclaw
    Bone-inlaid white starstone torc - 506 imbed, +5 HP bonus, +7 EL:F bonus, +4 AGI bonus, +3 EMC bonus, crumbly
    Star emerald studded ora bracelet - +2 spell aiming, +1 emc, +2 survival ranks
    Mist-swirled glass eyeball talisman - +2 spell aiming ranks
    Cushion-cut smoky topaz necklace - +2 spell aiming bonus, +2 blessings bonus
    Wand belt - +2 miu, +2 spell aiming
    Black coral brooch x 2 - +8 max mana
    Gold-fluted blue velvet vest - +5 dex
    Mithril aventail - +4 AUR, +3 PP ranks
    Dreamstone band - +3 aura stat
    Red dreamstone talisman - +4 spell aiming?
    Chased imflass crown - blank MR reimbeddable, +3 spell aiming bonus, +6 MIU bonus, +6 EMC bonus, crumbly
    Enruned aquamarine necklace - +3 fire, +3 air, +1 earth bonuses, crumbly.
    Bone-inlaid white sunstone torc - +5 HP bonus, +7 EL:F bonus, +4 AGI bonus, +3 EMC bonus, crumbly
    Diamond armband: +5 EMC
    simple blue dreamstone pin - +2 fire bonus, crumbly
    fire pearl inset mithril ring - +5 earth lore bonus
    fine ora ring - +5 water bonus
    Gold alloy necklace - +1 aura, +2 MIU

    That should cover most of it
    The ironwood staff is 4x metamorphic, with three sides
    Has a mirtokh potion, which will provide three weeks of enchanting essence (whenever they implement that)
    Casting gloves are the ones with the bajillion scripts
    Spellbook has good zests
    He also has an attuned spider pet with ambients
    If you have any questions, please PM! I'm around most of the day.
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    I've done business with this fellow. He's legit and prompt.
    My current items for sale or trade: Treasures in the Brambles.
    Contact: Nuadjha (Discord and LNet),

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    For faster sales and service find me on Discord @faustofausto

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    Race: Sylvankind Profession: Wizard (shown as: Archmage)
    Gender: Male Age: 1511 Expr: 15446861 Level: 100
    Normal (Bonus) ... Enhanced (Bonus)
    Strength (STR): 100 (25) ... 100 (25)
    Constitution (CON): 100 (25) ... 100 (25)
    Dexterity (DEX): 100 (35) ... 100 (35)
    Agility (AGI): 100 (30) ... 100 (30)
    Discipline (DIS): 91 (15) ... 91 (15)
    Aura (AUR): 100 (30) ... 100 (30)
    Logic (LOG): 100 (25) ... 100 (25)
    Intuition (INT): 100 (25) ... 100 (25)
    Wisdom (WIS): 100 (25) ... 100 (25)
    Influence (INF): 97 (23) ... 97 (23)
    Mana: 162

    Best stats I've seen on any character in a very long time. Nice to see someone knows how to min-max properly.

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    Just to note since the question has come up: I am not selling his gear or enhancives separately. It's all part of the one sale. Thanks for asking.

    I'll be around today for any PMs.

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    Daily bump! I'm around for PMs.

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    Update: Weekend special! For today only, price drop to $1500. Nab him while he's discounted.

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    Call it black Sunday!

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    Daily bump! The sale is over, character's back to regular price. I'll let him sit for a bit, but he'll be taken off the market if he doesn't find a buyer.

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    Easy answer: Cause he has items.

    Long answers: Cause fresh cap wiz can enchant at maxed 900. It's doable. They can enchant at 1x 900 too.
    But it'd be tedious and hard with all the changes to 925. You are forced to make decisions.

    This mage make you decides LESS heartbreaking stuff AND can do ANOTHER PROFESSION as well.


    Max him with picking and disarm, 76 ranks in 400 and VOILA, you get an enchanter AND a picker for like 95% of boxes. And with 535, this mage will pick like a machine.

    You want to farm? 1X in survival, first aid and trade is ALSO possible. VOILA! Bang, an enchanter, a picker and a farmer.

    You want him to be a mutant 900er? 3X in 900? But with a fresh capped, you'll die a lot!
    OH, but with this mage, you can 1x in Brawl, 1x in shield get some CM and VOILA, you can hunt better and stop dying like fresh capped wiz you'd buy.

    This mage will make your gemstone experience like the 1% plays
    Ardwen the submitive: [LNet]-GSIV:Ardwen: "not like I was given a choice to opt out of bro mode, bro"

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