a spiraled copper and illthorn staff crowned with a glimaerstone finiala ~ Awash in warm tones, the deep auburn of burled wood gleams beneath a generous coat of lacquer. Glinting against the dark illthorn, fine copper filaments spiral out from a solid ferrule protecting the staff's terminus. The helix climbs and as it reaches the top it gradually unfurls into an open latticework of wood and metal before closing into a tight spiral once more. Caged within the intricate finial, a dark golden glimaerstone glints softly in the ambient light.

These mana flares have been pretty great for my mid-level empath. Great enough that I'm considering enchanting up an enhancive runestaff I found and tossing mana flares on that the first chance I get. But I have a lot of potential enchanting projects in the works, and if I go through with that one I will A) no longer needing this one, and B) be needing coin to pay to improve the other one. So just trying to gauge the value on this so I can math out the different directions I could go.