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    Cool You Are Invited

    And the engraved invitation reads:

    "Lady Luxelle, Miss Leafi, and the TownCrier Team invite you to the Wehnimer's Landing Treehouse on Monday, November 4th at 10pm where we're going to kick off Frontier Days with "Lauding the Landing"! Everyone is invited to attend and share your thoughts on what the Landing and its people mean to you."

    I will be performing a cherished song by Dreamweaver, The Ballad of the Landing. It does not get performed often, and this is truly the very theme it is about, honoring the first adventurers in the Lands. If you played during or near the ICE AGE, you'll know the names of the people acknowledged in this song.

    I'd like to specifically invite ALL YOU OLD FOLKS out there to come and remember with us as this performance is presented. If you feel so inspired, please take 2 or 3 minutes to share your heart about the Landing.

    Please spread the word!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Luxelle View Post
    I first read this as 'ALL YOU OLD FUCKS'.... but, then I realized who was posting, and had to go back and read again, knowing Miss Luxie wouldn't post such words.
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    Luxelle is planning to push the elderly out of a tree!
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