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    Default 6x buckler

    Won a 6x (+30) buckler at the Trove, but a 6x medium shield would be better for my character.

    The buckler: a matte black golvern buckler encircled by a flame-hued chelioboros

    Lemme know what you've got, can send a message to my inbox here or contact me on Discord: Starchitin#9989

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    any special properties on that or just plain 6x? i might have a 6x medium shield somewhere

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    It's just a plain 6x and weights 6lbs from what the sign on the TT said

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    I won a 6x kite (large) shield at the trove if you want to trade.

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    Thanks for the offer, the character's training is actually better suited to a small then a large even though a medium would be ideal... so I'll have to pass.

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