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Thread: Greater Elemental Flares

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    Muer-something was selling 7x void flaring boots tonight, you should buy those, and then do the greater token on them, and have your wizard use those.

    Then sell the ones you got
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    Well, I suppose I could, had not thought about that. Hate to give up my footwraps because they are somewhat weighted too but I suppose I need to think more about it.

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    I would be not surprised on bit if it ended up that, due to some bug, crit weighting on UAC was doing nothing. Seriously, I know exactly what weighting on normal weapons does, and it cannot work the same way for UAC since crit is determined by endroll. You had done a thread before comparing your weighted boots to non-weighted boots, I remember going through it in detail, and found that the results were not impactful (not even observable really).

    Even if it isn't bugged, and it does something, whatever it does do may be way way weaker than what crit weighting does on normal weapons. For instance, possibly crit weighting on UAC gives "phantom" modifier to your endroll. So a 195 endroll would be treated as a 201 endroll for purposes of crit weighting. But if thats how it worked, it would be much weaker than crit weighting on weapons (on normal weapons somewhat crit weighting is more akin to adding 15 to and endroll, depending on weapon involved).
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    or if you really want to keep the weighting there's some of the 5x SWCW (dark leather moccasins) boots for sale on player shops for 5m. As far as I know they have no scripts at all, then pick up a vaccuum token and there you go.
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    I believe crit weighting helps to offset low MM. With a wizard, that is good. Best to use on boots if kick is your T3 attack, and put damage on gloves so you can bolster your jabs.

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    There's a hard cap on crit levels per positioning that cannot be overcome with weighting

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    Quote Originally Posted by rolfard View Post
    There's a hard cap on crit levels per positioning that cannot be overcome with weighting
    With both lower MM and UAF, a wizard will actually not always hit the max crit tier at tier 3, so having crit weighting can mitigate that. Someone, say like a bard, who uses a shield + MH weapon, would also find crit weighting on their boots handy if they are using kick for tier 3 since their MM will be substantially impacted by the held items.

    Wouldn't recommend for gloves if holding a UAC weapon though. Too many factors involved in that setup.
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    Well if I can find whoever was selling the void flaring boots then I will talk to them about that. Losing the crit weighting is not a huge deal; realized my footwraps are only light, my handwraps are somewhat.

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    "[Merchant]-GSIV:Meureii: "Selling - some salt-stained canvas boots with thick soles - 7x Void Flaring - 20m""
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    With the great elemental certificates from DR, it was possible to add the flares to a vanilla weapon. The cert actually said that it had to be a flaring weapon, but for whatever reason they didn't actually enforce that requirement.

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