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Thread: Cap/Postcap Armor Flares

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    Default Cap/Postcap Armor Flares

    Thinking about using autoflarer to flare my 10x HCP Aug Chain. As this will likely cost a good amount I want to make sure I make the right decision on flare type. Or even to not flare the armor at all, and wait for something better in the future that would take flare slot. I thought Grapple might be most useful to stun/disable mobs who hit me. Anyone done any research on this or have any recommendations? This would be for cap/postcap hunting.

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    Armor flares of the standard elemental types are very good, when you are taking alot of physical hits. If that is the case, the big classics (fire/acid/vibe/lightning (If not in nelemar) are the best in my experience. Can probably add plasma to that list too.

    Now playing a semi who more avoids hits than eats them, banshee flares was my choice. They do eat the script slot though. Also, sadly the autoflarer banshee flares are of nearly the lowest power (10td/10s) and well below most of the other times it has been offered (50td/60s).

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    Thanks for the tips, Sounds like banshee flares would be ideal as I am a pure bard and try to get hit as little as possible. However my DS/TD is not very comparable to other pures so I do take the occasional hit. Maybe best to wait for something better then.

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    if you need defense and padding, get ethereal script from reim

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    I thought about that, but I dont do reim much (at this stage) so have very little scrip, i guess its a super long grind to get the scrip to add it to my armor.

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    or ur a sucker and pay for it and gather it from others

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    the 10 second banshee flares make no sense to me, is your armor exactly 10 CER?

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    it might be 9, would have to double check. Why?

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    How does a pure have difficulty with TD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fierna View Post
    How does a pure have difficulty with TD?
    In nelemar, wizards can be warded by sentries and such. I'm presuming clerics and empaths too but that'S without outside spells.

    Some people like to be self relient so having extra TD can be helpful there.
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