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Thread: level 41 sorcerer looking for some advice

  1. Default level 41 sorcerer looking for some advice

    Level 41 Dark Elf sorcerer looking for advice on training and a few other issues.

    Here is my current spell training

    Lucktar (at level 41), DARK ELF your current skill bonuses and ranks (including all modifiers) are:
    Skill Name | Current Current

    Spell Lists
    Minor Elemental...................| 31

    Spell Lists
    Minor Spiritual.....................| 20

    Spell Lists
    Sorcerer.............................| 62

    Question #1

    What should I do moving forward with my spell training?

    As I understand it I'm supposed to train in sorcerer spells level +21 which I have done. I also think I'm supposed to be Minor Elemental level 2/3 to max CS boost for 425, which I have done.

    How should I be training my spells moving forward? My spell traiing is currently 2.75 per level.

    Question #2

    How should I train my main skills?

    Armor Use............................| 40 8
    Physical Fitness.....................| 140 40
    Arcane Symbols....................| 128 34
    Magic Item Use.....................| 128 34
    Harness Power......................| 141 41
    Elemental Mana Control..........| 130 35
    Spirit Mana Control................| 130 35
    Sorcerous Lore - Necromancy| 126 33
    Perception...........................| 141 41
    Climbing.............................| 70 15
    Swimming...........................| 50 10

    I'm behind on Magic Item, arcane symbols, mana control, and necromancy. Should I just keep training 2x spells and get these other skills up to 1x? Or is it ok to be a bit behind in these skills(MIU, AS, MC, NECR) and try to fit more 3x spell research in?

    I don't' use wands and have yet to use scrolls. I hope to start using scroll infusion in the future.

    Question #3.

    I have a stat potion that I want to use, need help on how to use it and what to change my stats to. I know the difference will be minimal but I have the potion and want to use it.

    Its taken me 20 years to get to level 41, I know I will need to use stat potion at cap but that will likely be a decade away so I'm not worried about that.

    What should I change my stats to? I'd like to raise aura and wisdom to probably around 95 so I still have room for growth. I'd also like to raise the exp stat which I think is logic, what should I raise it to?

    Just looking for advice for how to move my stats around never done this before, not sure how it works and don't konw what stats to lower.

    Current stats

    Name: Lucktar Levil Race: Dark Elf Profession: Sorcerer (not shown)

    Strength (STR): 92 (21) ... 92 (21)
    Constitution (CON): 81 (10) ... 81 (10)
    Dexterity (DEX): 65 (17) ... 65 (17)
    Agility (AGI): 76 (18) ... 76 (18)
    Discipline (DIS): 74 (2) ... 74 (2)
    Aura (AUR): 90 (30) ... 90 (30)
    Logic (LOG): 78 (14) ... 78 (14)
    Intuition (INT): 84 (22) ... 84 (22)
    Wisdom (WIS): 85 (22) ... 85 (22)
    Influence (INF): 81 (10) ... 81 (10)

    Question #4 Any of you suggest using First aid and survival? Seems like a good way to increase silvers.

    If I raise my wisdom and aura stat that will raise my CS, so I was thinking I could start to add skinning training. By lowering some of my sorcerer spells, and raising my WIS & AUR bonus I could hopefully keep my CS the same while adding skinning ability. Does this seem like a good idea? Or should I prioritize getting other skills to 1x (MIU,AS,MC, Necromancy)

    Question #5

    I'm hunting in river's rest Oteska's Haven and seems to be working great. First time I've been able to hunt with 719, any other awesome places I should check out?

    Thank for everyone help on my previous posts, have learned so much here on the forums.

    Lucktar Level --River's Rest
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    This early on, you don't really have to keep MnE and MnS so close to 2/3 your level. That is the goal, and I recommend prioritizing MnE since it tends to help more than MnS. I think I stayed at 40 ranks in MnS until cap, then got the additional 28 ranks eventually since there was no reason to bother past having 140 (which I only used in invasions and when having to search with empty hands). Your CS won't suffer dramatically from slacking on MnS ranks.

    1x MIU/AS are great to keep for your runestaff DS and also for using 714. The ability to unlock spells on scrolls is affected by MIU and the ability to infuse them is affected by AS. At the end of the day, scroll infusion can help you hunt in areas you would otherwise avoid because you can achieve significantly higher DS. You can keep Necro ranks at 2/3 your level to achieve max value from 711 (which you will find very handy), but 1x is ideal if you ever want to animate anything of value. EMC/SMC are good cheap ways to improve your runestaff DS.

    It is highly recommended that stats be placed to max out all your stats to 100 (except INF) for the best possible stats at cap. It is extremely expensive to do this multiple times throughout the years, and you can use enhancive items to bring impacted stats back to somewhere more useful. There is a trainer out there that will optimize your stats for you, and tell you how to achieve max stats at cap.

    I've never bothered with FA/Survival as a sorcerer, though it can be handy. Just remember as soon as you have 1/2 your level ranks in either, you will start getting skinning bounties (where applicable). These bounties tend to be a lot less return on EXP than others. It is entirely optional and you can easily earn enough silvers through 735. Skinning is a good way to make silvers if you're strapped for cash.

    You can make great cash in RR. Might as well stay there. Marsh Keep is great when you're in your late 40s and early 50s. The citadel is great in the 50s and early 60s.

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    1 & 2:

    • Sorc circle will yield .75 CS/rank from 1-20 ranks above level and .5 CS/rank from 21-60 ranks above level.
    • Minor elemental will give you .58 CS/rank up to 2/3 of your level (sorc CS specifically -- you get .25/level to sorc CS in addition to the .33/level from 425 up to 75 spell ranks)
    • Minor spirit will give you .33 CS/rank up to 2/3 of your level.

    So going forward, once you've met the 2/3 threshold, just put everything else into sorc ranks. After 75 elemental, it all goes into sorc. There's nothing wrong with going over 20+ in sorc, since you're still getting .5 CS/rank.

    3: Just save that fixstat for cap, or else sell it. Your stats are fine, and if you change them now to get a tiny more CS now, you'll just have to fix them again later.

    4. Sorcs are mediocre skinners, and FA (though 711 does let you kill stuff without damaging skins). You probably don't really need either of these, but if you insist, go with FA. It's way cheaper than survival and does the same thing (though with 1x skinning skills, you'll be a garbage skinner anyhow).

    Maerit is right -- 735 is probably all you need for making silvers.

    If you really want more loot, train in demon lore so you can phase heavier boxes. 25 ranks will let you phase a 20 pound box, 75 ranks gets it up to 30 pounds.

    Personally, I prefer just to 1x necro lore to make gathering energy quicker, plus it helps with 730 and 711.

    At the very least, get up to 36 ranks in necro lore so you hit the next threshold for necro energy collection. The next threshold isn't until 55 ranks.
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    I'm a little late here, but thought I'd chime in on a couple things:

    1. Was pretty much covered by the other two, though you do have a lot of spell ranks for your level. With my sorcerer at level 84 I still don't have spell ranks up to 2.75x and don't feel like I'm hurting at all, so I'd recommend not sacrificing anything to maintain it.

    2. Keep necromancy at 1x or drop it entirely. Most of necromancy's benefits are based on ranks/level rather then thresholds and if you're using the spells that benefit from it you're going to want the max benefit from them.

    MIU/AR are at a good level to stop at if you don't use them for defensive spells, you can activate just about anything you'll normally run across and can see what spells are on scrolls before you sell them.

    Spell Aiming keep at 2x if you use 708 or focused 720, otherwise you can drop it completely. I always liked having 720 as an "oh shit" option for when I need to get rid of something NOW and can't be certain my CS will beat it's TD, so I keep it.

    EMC/SMC keep at 1x, def not worth letting those slip for any reason.

    3. Your stats aren't horrible and I def wouldn't use that fixstat potion to raise AUR or WIS.... as you progress (even if it is slow) those stats are going to be your fastest growers. If anything I'd drop INF and put those points into AGI and DEX to help with maneuvers that are going to be your bane from now on.

    4. As the others said, 735 should be all you need to keep more silvers then you can spend flowing. FA/Survival won't help you skin well enough to be worth the TPs. With where you hunt you should really be bringing in bank for your level anyway, but if you're intent on boosting it I's go for trading over either FA or Survival

    5. If you can handle yourself in Oteska's, you can handle yourself anywhere... but why would you want to? In a couple levels you'll be able to hunt outside the Keep and you'll be longing for tasks that send you to Oteska's when you are

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