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Thread: A few neat things

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    Default A few neat things

    A varnished blackwood stationery box inlaid with a vaalin rose 500k mb 500k querleri SOLD

    In the stationery box:
    Containers [1]: a polished vaalin inkpot
    Clothing [1]: a topaz signet ring
    Special [3]: a slender crimson lory quill, a pale citrine stick of wax, an alabaster cotton cloth
    Total items: 5

    You analyze your stationery box and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

    This is a stationery box that will bundle loose paper of the same design. It will also hold other stationery supplies such as quills, ink, envelopes, sealing wax, and signet rings. You may alter the description of the box, but it should remain a non-wearable box with a lid. The box may also be locked with an appropriate key.

    PUSH the box to add a sheet of paper. PULL the box to remove a sheet of paper.
    There are 50 sheets of paper inside the stationery box. It can hold 50 sheets and contains the following design: a pale sheet of vellum.

    The capacity of the stationery box cannot be improved further.

    enruned witchwood box 250k mb SOLD ON BUYOUT
    look in box you see a black ora ring
    A darkness emanates from the black ora ring, wrapping itself around your hand. You are suddenly filled with the knowledge that if you reach for the ring again in the next few seconds you will be making an irrevocable decision. You sense this is a lesser black ora piece.

    Gilded eahnor framea encircled by carved linden wings - +25 enchant; fire flares 250k mb
    Bone-hilted dark ora dagger - +25 enchant; ice flares 250k mb
    Charcoal-hued handwraps - +20 enchant; void flares; ENHANCIVE: +4 to Brawling BONUS; more than your average giantman could count charges; on enhancive it persists." 250k mb 1.25m ryjex SOLD
    Seaweed bound staff adorned with intertwining eels – +20 enchant; +1 Mana Flares 250k mb
    Leather and vultite jack-of-plate - +20 enchant; ENHANCIVE: +5 to Combat Maneuvers BONUS; quite a few charges; on enhancive it persists 100k mb
    Copper-hilted vultite backsword - +25 enchant; lightning flares 250k mb

    gornar-tipped ranseur adorned with uncut gemstones 10m mb 16m gs4pawn SOLD
    +30, greater vibe flares

    As you draw a gornar-tipped ranseur adorned with uncut gemstones, invisible currents of energy rumble up and down its single sharpened tip, cloaking it in a hazy blur.

    You thrust your gornar-tipped ranseur upwards in a vicious arc the air contorts and blurs violently in its wake.
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    MB enruned witchwood box

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    500k witchwood box
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    1m witchwood box

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    Mb handwraps

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    15 on the ranseur

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    2m witchwood box

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    2.5m witchwood box

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    3m witchwood box
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    updated with current bids.

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