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    Looking for a sorc who can dump as much of their juice into Adamantine as possible.

    x7, Adamantine, +10 Defender.

    It Will be a damn hard enscorc.

    PM with prices/any info you might need.

    Thanks for looking.
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    For info the following stats came back as "Beyond Ability" Going to try and get into the test server (if it is up) in the next couple days and try a 303 build on it. If ya got more than stats below feel free to PM and we can get a test cast off.

    162 sorcerer spell ranks, +40 WIS and INT enhancives, a couple dozen MIU, AS, EMC, SMC enhancives

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    So having done some research and needing some sorc input: (Read through all of the 2013/2014 sorc threads)

    Adamantine= -500
    T0 --> T1= -50
    +35 = -121
    +10 Defender: ????

    = Total Penalty of (at minimum) -671

    Would need a capped sorc, fixskilled into 303 Sorc. And .... ? This is where my knowledge stops, and wouldn't mind anyone to jump in with what it looks like is currently possible without a difficulty pot.

    Still need to get into the test server to test the 303. But on the surface looks like a T1 and *maybe* a T2 is possible, yes?

    Thanks for looking!

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    I'd say you're unlikely to find a sorcerer with 303 ranks in the sorcerer circle unless they're willing to use a fixskills to do it just for your project after getting the necrojuice... losing access to 430, 120, and 102 is going to put a pretty big dent in a sorcerer's ability to hunt, not to mention the huge hit to their CS.

    Before even thinking of going that route, get one of the caped sorcerers that have maxed out their WIS, INT, EMC, SMC, Arcane Runes, and MIU to check your staff's difficulty for you. Maybe you'll get lucky and they can do it with their current training, but if they're getting the "beyond you're abilities" message I wouldn't think any kind of changes to their skills would help (esp if they're wearing enhansives). Otherwise, if you're willing to provide a pair of fixskills potions in addition to their normal fee, it might be worth trying.

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    Oh for sure if someone has 303, it will be because of a fix skill. Before going that route I want to make sure the paper numbers look right. Then try to get into the test server if the damn thing is open. ;D

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    By my calculations, a 303 dark elf sorc with maxed WIS and INT (140) gets a score of 763.

    Level = 100
    Sorc spells = 403
    WIS + INT bonus = 100
    EMC + SMC = 100
    AS + MIU = 40
    Workshop = 20

    A 162 dark elf sorc (with all else the same) would have a score of 622.

    So yeah, with a starting difficulty of -671 a 303 sorc could do a T1 or T2, and a T3 with an 8 roll. 58 to do a T4, and could theoretically do a T5 with a small open roll (108).

    However, if a fully trained and enhanced 162 sorc is getting a beyond abilities, that would mean that it is beyond 752. They should be able to get the "need a miracle" on difficulty up to 200 over their score. So with a starting difficulty of -671, the fully trained 162 sorc would get the miracle message.

    The +10 defender is making this harder. If we consider it a +45 enchant difficult with a penalty of -225 rather than -121, then that takes the starting difficulty to -775. To get a T1, a 303 sorc would need to roll an 12. A T2 would need a roll of 62, and a T3 would need an open roll of 112. A T4 would be a roll of 162. A T5 would be impossible.

    Please correct my math if I'm wrong.

    *note, i did not include enchansives for EMC, SMC, AS, or MIU. The amounts added may add a few small points, but don't really change the overall arguement.

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    That's the math I was looking for! �� the unknown is the defender, I couldn't find any numbers in wiki or sorc threads.

    I will pay/provide fixskills as needed to get some tiers on this and to get the info out to the community at large for future reference and the greater good.

    Or the test server if it is open. Tho I have never messed around in it.

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    And once again for records and anyone searching the boards in the future I am tossing up the info.

    A 303 Ranked, in a workshop, with full enhancives got a "Nearly Impossible" Read. 1 - 14% chance according to the wiki. Was able to succeed on the cast with an "Outstanding" roll. The for shits and giggles test cast for a t2 indicated the need for an open roll.

    With the rest of the info in the thread and the difficulty reading from the sorc it looks like Defender "enchants" count nearly the same as regular enchants do toward the difficulty.

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    Whoo hoo! My math was spot on!! Congrats on the T1 on that!

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    yes it was, and thanks.

    Someone who is cooler than me add this shit to the wiki.

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