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Thread: Demons and Necro

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    I’ve noticed that the same type of animates have different attack speeds and AS. Do you think this is because of gem value?
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    I have noticed the different speeds as well and some use cmans way to much in a row. I chalked it up to the critter.

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    You can appraise a critter before killing it. It will give you a comparison to your level. If it's difficult, it's a higher level than you. You can also compute the exact level using the pushdown from 703 (check the wiki for the math). I tend to stick to squares, since the spellcaster types are harder to predict. Sunfist warcamp warchief's that are above capped can get around a 530 AS. A grimswarm shaman can self cast a lot of buffs and get an even higher AS but again, unpredictable since sometimes it will swing, sometimes it will cast. Some casters will even open cast spells that will kill bystanders not grouped.

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    You can max out a ithzir champion (102) with a 7200 silver gem. Their speed is completely random, some are 3 seconds, some are 5. The 3 second ones are sick. Take them bandit hunting and they'll kill a whole roon before you even get unstunned from the ambush.

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    I think my fastest animate may have been a grizzled triton executioner. Some creatures have easy to compare creature roundtimes, some are very slow and some are very fast.

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    Get a troll warchief from a camp. Give it an ebladed weapon and you're looking at an AS in the ballpark of 550. Plus, it regenerates. You can also get high level rangers from a warcmap, but their AS eventually drops for some reason -- I think maybe 606 drops off of them or something.

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