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Thread: Demons and Necro

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    So Iím looking for some tips for demonic summoning and necromancy.

    As far as necromancy goes, itís working out amazingly. I use capped troll blood from camps and a valuable gem to raise the level of the champions. I was wondering if there was a spell or something to raise the animateís AS? It seems like 509 doesnít work. Any tips?

    Also, any advice for demonic summoning? Results are mixed. I got to try it out again by using a runestone from the guild and I got a darkling. Luckily this one holds a 20+ mana and is useful do to a little extra damage when I bolt while soloing bandits. I think that the extra 20-40 damage it does per baelfire activation is reasonable and iím going to start having it around. Other than that I see no use for them.
    Is there one that does a lot of damage? Or is there something Iím missing? Any tips?

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    Maybe 307? Works for group, so maybe your animate will get the benefit too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xred View Post
    Is there one that does a lot of damage? Or is there something Iím missing? Any tips?
    The wiki page on 725 has a decent listing of the various demons and what they can do -

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    eblade, or 902 their weapons?

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    Yeah, I gave it a 5x weapon. Im to lazy to keep ebalading in the middle of a fight. However funnily enough, it loves clahdmores and dropped the 5x for one the other day.
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    Any cast group spells youíre in, they will get the spell. Any buff spells youíre able to cast is can be applied to them. Regarding scrolls , you can cast 509 on your animate.
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    I don't think you can 509 your animate. I believe I've tried that.

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    An animated human robber swings a gleaming vultite-studded maul at an arctic titan!
    AS: +441 vs DS: +207 with AvD: +42 + d100 roll: +74 = +350
    ... and hits for 146 points of damage!
    Lucky shot rips through bone and muscle sending left leg flying.
    An arctic titan screams and falls to the ground with a crash, grasping its mangled left leg!
    The arctic titan is stunned!

    >read scroll
    It takes you a moment to focus on the scorched scroll.
    On the scorched scroll you see
    (902) Minor Elemental Edge
    (509) Strength
    (503) Thurfel's Ward
    >invoke itemNounNotSet
    1d100: 89 + Modifiers: 24 == 113
    You raise the scorched scroll and gesture to invoke the Strength spell.
    Sparks begin to fly between the scorched scroll and your fingers. With a sudden burst of enthusiasm, the sparks jump into your hand and a charged feeling surrounds you.
    >cas robb
    You gesture at an animated human robber.
    An animated human robber looks considerably more imposing.

    Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.
    (Forcing stance down to guarded)

    An animated human robber swings a gleaming vultite-studded maul at a frost giant!
    AS: +456 vs DS: +241 with AvD: +35 + d100 roll: +1 = +251
    ... and hits for 124 points of damage!
    Body pulped to a gooey mass.
    Watch where you step!
    The frost giant falls to the ground motionless.
    The deep blue glow leaves a frost giant.
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    Good to know. I was mistaken. Thank you

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    Spells to help animate's attacks you can cast from scrolls:

    - 307
    - 509
    - 1605 (+10% DF)
    - 1617
    - 1618 (damage weighting)
    - 117 (don't need a scroll for this one)

    Most folks don't bother with anything past 509 from a scroll. 506 doesn't seem to do anything as animates follow the same creature attack pattern, so they will just swing at normal speed regardless of 506. There are animates which are faster and better for straight up physical attacking.

    If you give them an e-bladed lance, that can usually be the strongest weapon they will wield as they don't care about weight/RT/AGIDEX or any of the normal factors, and will be fully trained to wield the weapon for the most damage.

    I never bother with demons. They can be useful in some situations, but most of the time they're rather pointless.

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