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Thread: Search for a string of text in multiple .txt files?

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    Default Search for a string of text in multiple .txt files?

    Not sure this is exactly a Lich question, but does anyone know how I could go about searching a bunch of different logs (.txt files) for a certain string of text and get a count of how many times that line appears?


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    It's a free application and has a search in files function. It'll tell you how many times the string appears, in what files, and where in those files.

    Enter the text to search for, the folder to look in and let it go.
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    Much obliged

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    Astrogrep for windows works pretty well too:

    Point it to a folder, give it some parameters and off it goes. It shows a little preview of the string in a window as well. Counts in each file in the top details.

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