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Thread: Crashing across multiple characters

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    So its one thing to crash its another to crash out of the interface but then still be in the game, i died 4 times yesterday from it in swarms. Its really annoying.

    The router is literally brand new out of the box so that cant be the problem unless there is some setting im missing

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    If it's timed to 2 hours, it could be your IP changing if it's on a really short lease time but that would be weird. You can check by going to every couple hours and see if your IP stays the same. If it's changing, it could be something funky with your provider. Like I said though, that would be very weird and non-standard for a fiber provider.

    9 extra ms isn't enough to DC you, generally you have to lose some actual packets and the default timeout is 1s on those pings. TCP tends to be fairly forgiving. In my experience, you're more likely to get disconnected if you send a command during the event. If I have 4 characters logged in, and it starts happening to my whole connection, the ones that are idle and not sending anything stay connected for 20 seconds or so.

    And so it's a full disconnect, as in you have to log back in to the whole game?

    This is the kind of issue where you start having to look at pcaps and really digging in, and sorry bud, that's not something to be done over a forum or for free!

    Also anytime you lose connection and it's not a clean exit, you stay connected in game for a bit.

    Also, do you have a private IP on the WAN interface of your router (starts with 192., 168, or 10.), a CGNAT (starts with 100.) or a public IP (pretty much anything else)? You don't need to post your actual IP, just the first octet or two is enough to determine what kind of IP you're getting from your provider on your router.
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