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Thread: Post Cap Priorities

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    1) SOS is alot less difficult since the critter gen was turned down. You should be fine. On your first few goes wear alot of outside spells, just watch spellburst. The only real kicker for me is the Mental CS in here. Def wear 101/107.

    2) 917 & 502/519 work fine for most mobs (Seekers, Fanatics, Lurks, & Sents) l. I'd avoid the Monstrosities with that combo though, high HP.

    3) For disarm, just watch and clench the snake/viper/rattlesnake/etc when it happens.

    4) Encumbrance will be a headache climbing out if you are full of loot. For that, set a ring to the wagon and on those rare occasions ring & ride out. *If you stay, I'd focus on getting Climbing up from .5x to 1x.
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    SoS is pretty great for wizards.

    #1 - Shield vs Runestaff. I have both of these configurations in SoS, and Shield works better. That being said, runestaff works just fine. My shield wizard simply never dies, but that also is probably because he's got GoS and Giantman HP. My little gnome w/ a runestaff will drop dead once or twice a month inside SoS from a condemn, but his hunt gets interrupted more frequently due to Sentinel snake maneuver.

    - Note about the snake maneuver - Disarm CMAN training does not give you more protection. Only SMRv2 training helps.

    #2 - Shapers, open with Stomp/Tap 909. This is a low mana, no RT way to disable their 319.

    Use 518 liberally in rooms of 3+ targets. Use your disables liberally (I like 501 for sentinels to take their EBP out of the equation and bolt them with 510). Monstrosities and Sentinels have plate class armor. The rest of them are extra squishy. I typically do 2 rounds of 510 vs the plate guys, and just steam everything else to death. 917 is a great shaper killer as well.

    #3 - 101 ranks in climbing will basically make it impossible for you to die on the climb in and out. Prior to 101 climbing, if you have Voln, you can Symbol of Transcendence before the climb, and you will not die. Just remember you need to still be able to stand up after the fall (so auto-standing cane if you're carrying a ton or whatever).

    520 water is great in SoS as things will dispel you, but I usually run 520 air because encumbrance is guaranteed.

    I hunt until I have no mana because of the periapt. This means 75% of the time I recharge my periapt enough to exit and re-enter. The other 25% of the time, I can rest up at the sanctuary inside the temple (no need to traverse the desert). Resume hunt, leave, turn in bounty, empty inventory, etc. Having 2x+ HP definitely helps toward the goal of getting your periapt recharged. Sometimes you just have to hang out, but most of the time you'll get to leave. You can keep multiple periapts and charge them up to reduce the # of times you're required to stick around. SoS isn't great if your goal is to fry, rest, repeat. It is amazing at burning LTEs, as you can easily fry, LTE, fry before leaving with a charged periapt.
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