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    1) SOS is alot less difficult since the critter gen was turned down. You should be fine. On your first few goes wear alot of outside spells, just watch spellburst. The only real kicker for me is the Mental CS in here. Def wear 101/107.

    2) 917 & 502/519 work fine for most mobs (Seekers, Fanatics, Lurks, & Sents) l. I'd avoid the Monstrosities with that combo though, high HP.

    3) For disarm, just watch and clench the snake/viper/rattlesnake/etc when it happens.

    4) Encumbrance will be a headache climbing out if you are full of loot. For that, set a ring to the wagon and on those rare occasions ring & ride out. *If you stay, I'd focus on getting Climbing up from .5x to 1x.
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