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Thread: Max Attack Strength (AS) Trials

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    Quote Originally Posted by neimanz1 View Post
    Hold my beer

    You hear a loud *POP* come from your muscles!
    With a quick flick of your wrist, you deftly send a deadly titanium-spiked throwing axe into flight.
    You throw a spiked throwing axe at a spotted and striped warcat!
    AS: +1106 vs DS: +395 with AvD: +39 + d100 roll: +37 = +787
    ... and hit for 231 points of damage!
    Tremendous blow crushes skull like a ripe melon.
    The striped warcat crumples to the ground and dies.

    ** Necrotic energy from your throwing axe overflows into you! **

    [ POPed muscles: +0:10:30, 0:10:29 remaining. ]
    You feel energized!
    The guiding force leaves you.

    Your throwing axe spins rapidly through the air, the blade whooshing audibly with each revolution. As it completes its arc, it reverses direction and lands solidly in your right hand, ready to throw again.

    Roundtime: 4 sec.
    Roundtime changed to 1 second.
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    Sweet strings
    adred#0111 (discord)

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    For hypothetical max AS, there's a few more boosts that haven't been discussed:
    +25 AS for T3 briar
    +5 AS from black silk standard
    +30 (I think?) from hypothetically applicable bane boost

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    Thanks Ewayn. I added the briar flare stuff.

    The Warhorn is a warcry effect and it stacks with holler/shout, etc? There is like 5 of them in the game.

    The string uses mana to boost AS. There is like 2 of them.

    The idea here is sustained AS. I can 117 too ya'll

    Can folks show some bane weapons on non-bane AND bane creatures?

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    It stacks, but only 2 AS boosting ones that I know of (one on an inactive account).

    There are more than 2 strings now, probably 6 or more. They use both mana and stamina to power up.

    Bane would like just be +10 or so on the bane creature group, maybe higher now if bane boosted via HESS
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    8 active strings now

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