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Thread: 3-room Landing Shop!

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    Lightbulb 3-room Landing Shop!

    Selling a 3-room playershop in Wehnimer's Landing.
    a rose-covered dark stone boutique - Lich room #344

    I prefer cash, but will accept silvers at $3.33 per mil, or BS at $2.69 per 1k. Please bid in cash amounts.

    • I will do my best to move this along quickly, and update at least every 3-4 hours during the hours of 12pm-12am, EST.
    • Bids will go once, twice, LAST CALL, and SOLD.
    • In the interest of fairness, private bids/buyouts will not be accepted. Please bid here.

    MB: $69

    CB: $175 to Ewayn SOLD!
    Last edited by Macillus; 08-25-2019 at 10:04 PM. Reason: Shop SOLD! Thank you.

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    Elementary my dear Watson!

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    Characters: (Mains)Aar, Neelin, Bovine, and Aiceman
    (Alts)Losus, Mischaub, and Wynlaag
    (Discord) GSIV-Aar & PC-DivePirate
    My Flat Priced Auction:

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    Elementary my dear Watson!

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    Elementary my dear Watson!

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    $115 going twice to Sherlock.

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    $115 going LAST CALL to Sherlock! Will be sold at 11:59pm EST if no more bids are received.

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    Going once to Ewayn.
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