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Thread: Recommendations for Perm Resistance

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    Default Recommendations for Perm Resistance

    I got 2 perm resistance certs from HESS. Which 2 resistances do folks recommend I add to my full plate armor? I am a capped warrior that typically hunts nelemar although looking to expand into other post cap hunting grounds as well.

    I did a bunch of go ogling but haven't had a lot of luck clearly defining good options. Some people recommend puncture resistance for nelemar, but would that still make sense on full plate? Others have suggested acid resistance for SOS but I have yet to hunt there. Thoughts on these or other good options for long term? I don't typically to regular attacks really often but occasionally to certain maneuvers or weird spells that I can't identify.

    Thanks in advance

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    lightning and puncture
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    No warrior should do puncture, since they can do it themselves with the armor cman. Resistances are pretty hunting ground specific. I hunt the scatter with fire and cold for lich hunting, as well as impact, which is a good all around resistance.

    One thing about resistance is that like a lot of things, it doesn't make a lot of difference in small amounts, but helps hugely in large amounts. That sounds obvious I suppose, but what I'm saying is that you won't see a big change till you have a decent amount.

    My recommendation is to pick one resistance and put all your points there.
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    I agree with concentrating on one resistance.

    I did a lot of hunting in stone sentinals, which have a lightning attack that can instant kill. One character had no lightning resistance and the other had sonic armor which provides significant resistance. The character with no resistance died quite regularly from a death crit by the lightning explosion in that area, and the character with significant lightning resistants NEVER died from it. So strong resistance basically was able to stop instant kills - which can never be said of crit padding (it can only reduce instant kills).

    The character with no resistance then upgraded to 10% resistance, and it sure didnt seem to make a difference in the instant death rate.

    So what the other poster said - it doesn't make a lot of difference in small amounts, but helps hugely in large amounts.

    PS - also, with 20% impact resistance, I have never been instant killed by minotaur charges. Again, a lot makes a big difference.
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    I have learned that a lot of attacks that kill me that my brain assumed were slash or crush were in fact IMPACT! I hunt the scatter so I don't know what goes down in nelemar, but iv been dreaming of impact resistance, and as mentioned god damn minotaur charge killed me like WTF? oh I bet its impact.. (google) God damn it impact.. SHould have gotten them last round but again, I didn't know how badly impact was pissing me off.

    Even a little bit of resist takes the edge off, and its the edge that kills.
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    I have to disagree, 5-10% resistance basically stops 99% of cheap deaths against that table. I haven't been crit killed by acid spray once since adding 5%.
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    i think that is only because the crit cap is low for those attacks, even with 40 percent lightning resist you won't be able to stop cheap deaths from 125

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    What kind of n00b lets stuff live long enough to 125 them?
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    that is not the point, the chance of certain attacks to cause a cheap death is low to begin with

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