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Thread: Self Mana 1220 (Premonition)

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    Default Self Mana 1220 (Premonition)

    For sale:

    a stone Lumnis bust

    Self-mana 1220 (Premonition) +20 DS and helps maneuvers, double mana, no chance of curse.

    The spell is typically self-cast only.

    From the wiki description:
    Premonition allows the caster to see a series of possible future events, giving him the chance to better defend himself. The caster gets a defensive bonus against maneuver attacks that can be evaded and +20 Defensive Strength (DS) +1 DS for every 2 Minor Mental spell ranks beyond 20. With the increase in defense comes an increase in mana cost; 20 base mana +1 for every 2 additional DS bonus gained. Overtraining in Minor Mental spell ranks does not yield additional bonus past the caster's level.

    Bids in cash only (Paypal gift). Silvers and bloodscrip not accepted for bids at this time.

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    These fake private offers are really heating up!
    Looking for: Wearable wisdom enhancives (+5 and up)

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    Ooo boyo, private bids don't go over so well on this forum. I suggest you post their names and only consider private buyout offers in the future.
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    Thank you for the suggestion.

    Current bid is $1350 to private bidder #4 (private bidder #3 made a bid that was passed by #4).

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