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Thread: Hi! I'm having a hard time forging a perfect steel spear

  1. Default Hi! I'm having a hard time forging a perfect steel spear


    I'm having some difficulty forging a perfect steel spear, which a friend wants to enchant to 4x.

    I've mastered crafting and polearms completely (500 ranks of each). Here are my current stats as a level 24 dwarven warrior:

    Strength (STR):    82 (26)    ...  110 (40)
    Constitution (CON):    82 (31)    ...   82 (31)
       Dexterity (DEX):    94 (22)    ...   94 (22)
         Agility (AGI):    95 (17)    ...   95 (17)
      Discipline (DIS):    78 (24)    ...   88 (29)
            Aura (AUR):    75 (2)     ...   75 (2)
           Logic (LOG):    82 (21)    ...   82 (21)
       Intuition (INT):    52 (1)     ...   52 (1)
          Wisdom (WIS):    60 (5)     ...   60 (5)
       Influence (INF):    48 (-11)   ...   48 (-11)
    Thanks for any recommendations!

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    Your stats, race, and profession play a role, but it's essentially just luck. You need a perfect head, perfect shaft, and a perfect vise attempt. Stockpiling perfect heads and shafts, then doing a bunch of vise attempts while using Gift of Eonak would be your best bet.
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    70 seconds a vise attempt.

    Gift of Eonake is 15 minutes. So, 900 seconds / 70 per vise = 12 vise attempts before your gift wears off

    I tend to craft out 12 best heads and 12 best handles, then I toss up a Gift of Eonake and vise away. Usually I end up with at least 2 perfect weapons, but that's not always the case. Be prepared to come away with zero perfects or if you're extremely lucky like my last vise session, I walked away with 6 perfect weapons (2 mauls, 3 falchions and 1 dagger). Out of my last 4 Gift of Eonakes I used over the past 3 months:

    I got 1 perfect on the first.
    I got 0 perfects on the second.
    I got 2 perfects on the third.
    I got 6 perfects on the fourth.

    Plug away at it, it may take some time. And I do this with my dark elf wizard.

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    My advice is to search playershops for enhancives. +Dis enhancives are usually pretty cheap. Get a +40 set if you can, for the vise.

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    Mobius and drumpel both gave good advice. What you need to remember as well is that it is a numbers game. There is about a 5% chance to craft a best piece. And once you have two best pieces, there is about a 5% chance which goes up to apparently 8%, didn't know that till recently, if you use a perfect hammer, which you should be, of combining them to make a perfect weapon. So if you do the math it is 20 pieces each to get one best and about 15.5 combinations to get a perfect. Now, that does not take into account age, profession, stats, etc. The simple answer is, forging is a grind, you just have to make a bunch and hope for the best and hedge your bets some like they said.

    I still occasionally forge for people, but there is not much demand and to be honest, had I known then what I know now, I doubt I would have ever done it. It is too easy to just buy a perfect.

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