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Thread: T4 Shurley gloves, sephwir heavy crossbow, decent enhancives

  1. Default T4 Shurley gloves, sephwir heavy crossbow, decent enhancives

    Stuff for sale. Auction will go once, twice, sold. Buyout offers welcome, if you're so inclined. Delivery to WL/FWI.

    1> some ebon leather gloves. 3x, disruption flares. Fully unlocked Shurley scripts. Slap your friends or your enemies! CB: 1m gsplayer413 SOLD/DELIVERED!
    You analyze your ebon leather gloves and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

    The creator has also provided the following information:
    A merchant can alter these gloves with no restrictions as long as the noun makes sense for this item, and normal ALTER rules are applied.

    This item has been fully unlocked and is Tier 4. It traps WEAR, REMOVE, PULL, PUSH, PINCH, RAISE, POINT, CLENCH, SLAP, TOSS. Additionally, POINT, CLENCH, SLAP, and TOSS can be targeted at a person, object, creature, yourself, or nothing!

    You can tell that the gloves is as light as it can get.

    2> a silver-nocked sephwir heavy crossbow, 5x heavy sighting. CB: 1m DivePirate SOLD/DELIVERED!

    3> a pear-cut golden topaz earring, +4 CM bonus, +4 ambush bonus, +5 brawling bonus, +8 PF bonus. 107 imbed. Quite a few charges. Ear worn. Persist on magic, Crumbly on enhance. CB: 10m Middian SOLD/DELIVERED!

    4> a serpentine amethyst pin, +7 PF bonus, +2 Con bonus, +2 blunt weapon bonus, +4 max mana. Quite a few charges. Pin worn. Crumbly. CB: 1m beldar17 SOLD!

    5> a brilliant garnet clasp, +4 Logic bonus, +3 AS bonus, +4 Max health, +1 MIU bonus. Quite a few charges. Pin worn. Crumbly. CB: 2m BHawk SOLD/DELIVERED!

    6> an ivory-inlaid pewter stickpin, +2 Logic base. Lots of charges. Pin worn. Persists. CB: 500k BHawk SOLD/DELIVERED!
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