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Thread: Level 80 Rogue - Back After 18 Years - Lockpicking / Scripting / Leveling Advice

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    I am completely aware of how the adv. guild works but I appreciate the clarification.

    At this point I am most interested in Scintillion reaching level 100 with his current setup - without upgrading gear, no outside spells, no MA'ing, and without spending $1 real life to do so (Only plan to play Scintillion during free promotional periods moving forward).

    PS: Here is a shot to show redux with ;calcredux

    A raving lunatic swings a twisted kris at you!
    AS: +379 vs DS: +298 with AvD: +7 + d100 roll: +61 = +149
    ... and hits for 3 points of damage!
    Tap to the arm pricks some interest but not much else.
    [calcredux: Instance redux is 51.020%]
    [calcredux: Average redux is 57.585%]

    4x plain full plate
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