It's all fun and games until your hand is in a splint and you click the wrong button.

Whenever I clicked on a character, I would get a message about Are you sure you want to let Gemstone alter your computer, which I dutifully clicked the Yes button.

Today in a fit of awkwardness I clicked no or cancel or whatever was not yes. Then the launcher went into a spiral of trying methods and not succeeding to connect. When I click a character, it no longer asks me the question, just starts failing to find a connection. I tried rebooting, hoping to erase the computer's memory of my heinous mistake, but no. The damn thing remembered what I had done.

1. Is there some parameter somewhere that got changed that I could change back?

2. If I ever get this fixed, is there a way I can get it to remember my "yes" answer in perpetuity the way it remembers my "no" answer so I am not asked that every login?