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Thread: UAC Paladins - you out there?

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    Default UAC Paladins - you out there?

    Are there any out there? What's your build look like?

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    Not a single one, eh?

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    Forge a path and let us know.

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    I’ll post some stuff later this week. So far I’m enjoying it.

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    I brought one up to about 60 before. There are sanctified gloves and boots around that make it easy for you to spread out the smackdown among the living and the dead (I think they're usually sold in EG). Bonding to a weapon isn't worth it unless you have some godly cestus lying around due to the drop in MMC. You're already going to be wearing armor (and a shield after around the mid 50s when you can finally pick up Shielded Brawler), so you want to keep your flurry of blows quick and sharp.

    It's a very easy path, though there are other classes that will be more effective than you in the striking department, you'll have the advantage of being able to hunt anything and be a tank while doing it.

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    And yet....a paladin is better at UAC than a monk is. LOL.

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    It's not as good as a sword/blunt and board build. Never will be. But hey, it's kinda fun.

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