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Thread: 88 Halfling Wizard

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    Default 88 Halfling Wizard

    Decent name, good stats, clearing out some enchanters that won't be used with the new system. Verified Paypal only. Fixskills available. Selling essentially naked and coinless. Will be a character transfer, buyer pays fee. Will go ONCE TWICE SOLD

    MB-$200 BO-$300 SOLD on buyout
    Level: 88 Deeds: 29
    Experience: 6341148 Death's Sting: None
    Exp. until next: 21352 Recent Deaths: 0
    Mental TPs: 0 Fame: 32199181
    Physical TPs: 113 Mana: 266/266 max
    (4202 Phy converted to Mnt)
    Long-Term Exp: 0

    Name: Race: Halfling Profession: Wizard (shown as: Boltmaster)
    Gender: Male Age: 0 Expr: 6341148 Level: 88
    Normal (Bonus) ... Enhanced (Bonus)
    Strength (STR): 99 (9) ... 99 (9)
    Constitution (CON): 100 (35) ... 100 (35)
    Dexterity (DEX): 100 (40) ... 100 (40)
    Agility (AGI): 79 (24) ... 79 (24)
    Discipline (DIS): 92 (16) ... 92 (16)
    Aura (AUR): 97 (18) ... 97 (18)
    Logic (LOG): 100 (30) ... 100 (30)
    Intuition (INT): 94 (32) ... 94 (32)
    Wisdom (WIS): 96 (23) ... 96 (23)
    Influence (INF): 69 (4) ... 69 (4)
    Mana: 266 Silver: 0

    Current society status:
    You are a Master in the Council of Light.

    You currently have 149164 unspent bounty points.

    You have accumulated a total of 297764 lifetime bounty points.

    You have 88 expedited task reassignment vouchers remaining.

    You have succeeded at the Kill Creatures task 58 times.
    You have succeeded at the Retrieve Heirloom task 45 times.
    You have succeeded at the Procure Skins task 2 times.
    You have succeeded at the Procure Gems task 107 times.
    You have succeeded at the Protect Traveller task 64 times and failed 10 times.
    You have succeeded at the Procure Herbs task 72 times.
    You have succeeded at the Kill Dangerous Creature task 72 times.
    You have succeeded at the Rescue Child task 39 times and failed 4 times.
    You have succeeded at the Kill Bandits task 8 times.
    You have succeeded at the Help Kill Creatures task 34 times.
    You have succeeded at the Help Kill Bandits task 4 times.

    You are not currently assigned a task. You are eligible for new task assignment.

    >justice banish
    You are not currently banished from any town.
    >justice warrant
    You are wanted for no crimes.
    >justice status
    There is no justice other than your own out here.
    >justice history
    You have committed no crimes in the past six months.

    >policy review
    You've been warned 1 time on the character xxx. You haven't been flagged as a high maintenance customer. You're not being monitored for vulgarity. You've last read the policy in full on Thu Mar 24 19:38:46 ET 2011.
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    Going TWICE, sold tomorrow if no other bids

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    Sent BO offer in PM earlier this morning.

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    SOLD on buyout pending payment received.

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    Haven’t seen any response on private message. Did I win?

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    Default Sensitive Much?

    Quote Originally Posted by ElevenElven View Post
    So somebody gives me one bad rep because they got outbid and it makes that big of a difference? What the crap kinda system is that? I now have zero confidence in trusting this rep level stuff.

    Anyways.. still a crappy move by ElevenElven (and props to whoever discovered the right click on the rep post thing to find out the user ID).

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