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Thread: Bigshot setup working then all of a sudden stops working.

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    Default Bigshot setup working then all of a sudden stops working.

    Been scripting with my wizard using bigshot and it was working fine over the weekend till Sunday night when it started acting up. at first it was due to out of voln Favor so naturally i turned off all the Voln stuff. But it kept trying to still use the voln stuff after i had removed the information and saved the changes by simply closing the box. Below is the setup i'm running. If everything is right which it should be. Is there some spot biggshot is saving stuff that it is not updating correctly? Because starting on Sunday all the character would do is walk in and out of rooms even with just 1 mob and not attack. And i have it set to attack in rooms with a single mob in it only.

    resting tab: under active resting scripts - useherbs --buy-missing=on,sloot sell,waggle
    Hunting map tab:
    start - 12694
    boundry 12693,12718

    Under hunting tab: valid targets - radical,defender,elemental,executioner,dissembler, combatant,magus,sentry,siren
    attack stance - off
    pre-hunt commands - unshea,prep 411,cast my rune staff
    active scripts - webdispel,stand,disarm-no-more
    society abilities/spells/cmans - 515,919
    loot script - sloot

    under commands tab: hunting commands(a) - incant 917 fire target,incant 903 target(xx)

    should rest tab:
    or wounded eval - bleeding? || percenthealth <= 50 || ([Wounds.head, Scars.head].max >= 2) || ([Wounds.nsys, Scars.nsys].max >= 2) || ([Wounds.leftArm, Wounds.leftHand, Wounds.rightArm, Wounds.rightHand, Scars.leftArm, Scars.leftHand, Scars.rightArm, Scars.rightHand].max >= 3) || ( ([Wounds.leftArm, Wounds.leftHand, Scars.leftArm, Scars.leftHand].max >= 2) or ([Wounds.rightArm, Wounds.rightHand, Scars.leftArm, Scars.leftHand].max >= 2) )

    Thanks for your help in advance folks.
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    are you hunting around with your familiar up?

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    Yes and i tell the familiar to stay in town.

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