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    I realized I posted this in the wrong section previously, so I deleted the other thread. These are some scripts I made that are somewhat useful sometimes. Gonna post descriptions here.

    Automates the use of premium teleportation and chronomage travel. Handles the minutia of dealing with tickets and orbs, so you don't have to. Intended to simplify inter-realm travel between teras/landing/elven nations but works with all the towns that have these services.

    If you set your capsulesack variable (eg. ;Vars set capsulesack=cloak), it'll attempt to use your capsule first, if you have one.

    Example uses:

    ;fly to teras
    ;fly landing
    ;fly zul
    ;fly illistim

    It'll understand pretty much any abbreviation of any city you want to go to, but here's a list of them just in case:

    Wehnimer's Landing: weh lan wl
    Solhaven: sol sh
    River's Rest: rr riv rest river
    Zul Logoth: zul log zl
    Ta'Illistim: illi ili dais tail elven nat otf ti en
    Ta'Vaalor: tav val valor vaalor tv
    Cysaegir: cys nowhere
    Kharam-Dzu: teras kha dzu kd
    Icemule Trace: ice mule trace it cold snow

    Takes you by ship from Landing to Teras, and vice versa.



    If you do ";ship q" it'll also quit the game after arriving at destination.

    Shows the current bandit bounty counts for everyone present. Suggest to bind it to your loot hot key.

    This is just a modified Drafix script that shows hidden bandits when you move around, to help you find them. It can always run in the background. All credit to Drafix for his original script.

    Completes the voln step 24, start to finish. Can be started anywhere in the landing. It'll attempt to walk you to the puzzle first, but if you can't climb and it fails for whatever reason, you can just start it from the puzzle room.

    Lifekeeps every dead person in the room. Uses symbol of preservation if you know it, and white flasks if you don't.

    I had trouble with the original jailbox not working with sorted containers, so this one works with everything regardless of sorting settings and should also work faster.

    Performs the loot command on every creature in the room and collects all the loot. Uses the new loot mechanics. Make sure your stow settings are set in game (STOW SET command)

    Sends all your available mana to the person you specify. eg. ;sm ryjex


    Shows you your agidex info.

    [agidex: Your agidex BONUS is 93]
    [agidex: You are at tier 6 of 8 of RT reduction]
    [agidex: You need 5 more agidex BONUS to reach the next tier]
    [agidex: You need 20 more agidex BONUS to reach the max tier]
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    Wizard users who can't look past the eleventh jar of gems in a Player Shop when doing a gem task for the AG, ;foreach is fantastic. E.g. ;foreach jar in cabinet = awesomesauce.
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