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Thread: 100 3k+ orb gems

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    In the sack:
    gem (100): a selanthan bloodjewel (11), an uncut diamond (15), an uncut star-of-Tamzyrr diamond (3), an uncut emerald (38), an ultramarine glimaerstone, a black opal, a medium black pearl, a small black pearl, a tiny black pearl (10), a tiny white pearl, an uncut ruby (6), a deep blue mermaid's-tear sapphire (4), a pink sapphire (2), a blue sapphire (6).

    The jeweler Diamante takes the sack and inspects the contents carefully before saying, "I did find 100 gems that I'll give you 484806 silver for, if you want to sell."

    MB: 500k

    CB: 777k Derex, SOLD
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    standing between the living and the dead

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    Closing it up if no new bids by 5 PM EST.

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