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Thread: abandoned crystal is gone?

  1. Default abandoned crystal is gone?

    I went to the abonded inn to get bunch of old items identified.

    I went to the mural and go past the mural puzzel and here is what what I saw.

    he dirt and stone walls have been ashed and blackened by a powerful force of energy. What was once a mage's workshop is now little more than warped wrecks of metalwork and splintered bits of wood, laden with the scent of ozone and electricity. Nothing escaped whatever disaster occurred here, but the feeling of magic remains, putting the hairs on your arms and the back of your neck at attention.
    Obvious exits: out

    Was the cystal destroyed or do I just not know what to do.

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    The crystal is still there. Its located in the magical workshop not behind the mural in the abandoned workshop.

    [Abandoned Inn, Ruined Workshop - 6882]
    You notice a clear blue crystal in a dented brass setting and a trapdoor.
    Obvious exits: none
    tap cry
    You tap a clear blue crystal in a dented brass setting.

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    ahh that makes sense, thanks so much!

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    Past the mural is a work shop I think??
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    i know i'm late to the party but is that log of something your really typed assist for? if so you are doing it wrong

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