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Thread: 60 town chronomages spheres in 30 per town capsule

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    Default 60 town chronomages spheres in 30 per town capsule

    Capsule stores spheres as a single item (pez dispenser).

    60 spheres in store for 95 simucoins each (5,700) + capsule (9 towns, 30 max each) for 4M Sold & delivered

    You gently rub the side of your brass and gold capsule, causing both halves to separate and reveal the contents in each of the chambers.

    Wehnimer's Landing: 7
    Solhaven: 6
    River's Rest: 7
    Zul Logoth: 7
    Ta'Illistim: 7
    Ta'Vaalor: 7
    Cysaegir: 6
    Kharam-Dzu: 6
    Icemule Trace: 7

    The capsule abruptly retracts.
    Roundtime: 2 sec.

    The brass and gold capsule is divided into two halves, with the top portion being crafted from glaesine and the bottom portion wrought from brass and gold. Through the transparent glaesine, nine chambers are exposed inside the capsule, each detailed with a miniature replica of the cities and towns across Elanthia. A glowing ring surrounds the chamber for Wehnimer's Landing currently. It appears that the capsule can hold 30 Chronomage spheres in each chamber. An enruned opening is situated between both halves of the capsule. The brass and gold capsule contains 7 brass and gold spheres in the Wehnimer's Landing chamber.

    You analyze your brass and gold capsule and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

    The creator has also provided the following information:

    This is a container to hold your Chromomage spheres. The spheres must NOT be attuned to you, used in a waiting room, or have an expirations. This capsule holds 30 spheres in each chamber. This can be expanded to hold more by special vouchers or rare merchants that will dabble in such arts.

    LOOK at MY capsule - Look at the chambers inside.
    PUT {sphere} [in] MY capsule - Insert a sphere inside the proper chamber.
    PUSH MY capsule - Eject a sphere from inside the capsule.
    TURN MY capsule - Change which chamber it is set to.
    RUB MY capsule - Reveal the contents of each chamber instantly.
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