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    I am listening to trades or offers on these.

    5x Sanc Realm Flaring Maul min3m bo 6m

    3x Sanc glaes Katana 2m flat

    Haunted/creepy Silvery Coyote Travelers cape. It is fully unlocked from ebons gate a few years ago. Don't know a ton about it honestly. It is a neck worn item, not a container.
    It is fully unlocked and will haunt the wearer. You can also CLEAN, RUB, SLAP, PLUCK, PUSH, PULL, SHAKE, and ATTEND the cape. This was formally a female stole that was altered. Very difficult to get worked on for a male. To my knowledge it the only one that is designed to be worn by masculine persona. If I had to take silvers, 5m would be the lowest I would accept. SOLD

    Winged mechanical abrtab'sa toy.

    sinuous mechanical dragon toy.

    Both are old windup toys that do the smoke zest.

    Adding a fixskill potion. 6m flat

    OTS Ghule Items= Sold or traded as set only mb3m bo 5m
    Ghule Fangs Blood Red
    Ghule Ring Blood Red
    Ghule Cloak
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    Cape SOLD and Delivered
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    Ghule items added. Fixskill added

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