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Thread: Druid Items

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    Default Druid Items

    So trying the weed mage path for fun/RP on a new char. Going to need some help item wise along the way as I know it isnt easy early on.

    Looking to see if any of the following might be available:

    druid staff (dont know much about these other than 3x/day 616/610)
    20x/day 616 wand
    some item from the 2016 god auction that provides "tree bark" protection? I tried to reference it, but couldnt see what item was being referred to

    anything else that might mechanically boost this type of char, i dont really know what else to look for.

    thank you.

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    The magic seed pouches are good for RP, and the glowbark bark is 5x/day "barkskin," which is a creature spell that blocks the next AS/CS attack. There are two of those. I sold mine to Beldar17 a bit back.
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    Oh, there's also the 2x/day wolf femur that summons a wolf familiar.

    These are all super expensive items, of course.
    My current items for sale or trade: Treasures in the Brambles.
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    some gnarled glowbark bark

    2 sold

    Pinworn item that can be rubbed to give your skin a bark-like quality, causing it to harden and absorb attacks, similar to a treekin druid

    5x/day Barkskin.

    Lasts for 60 seconds or until consumed by blocking an attack. Should block AoE

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    Few of the old call familiar items anyone can use are still around. I took hell from about 5 people for selling the catnip pouch to some one I thought was the perfect home for it. And just for anyone else that might come asking about the wolf femur, I've no interest in parting with it period. I believe I talked to OP in esp in game about the item. It is just not leaving my side. Plus having fuzzy canine companion that picking up the ladies is easier.


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    So it’s a maybe for the sale of the wolf?

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    Maybe I could run a service you could pay for one to follow you around awhile and do their own thing. I have been letting myself slip to them making funny stories up that get more absurd than the next.

    The cat swarm at a merchant once was the best. I lost my log of that but if anyone has a copy I would love to get hold of it.

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    I think I own that staff. I will see if I can dig it out.

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    It seems like I do have it. To be fair, I seem to remember there being a few of them released. I am open to selling or trading it. Feel free to PM me or even better hit me up on discord.

    As you sing, you feel a faint resonating vibration from the fireleaf runestaff in your hand...

    It has a bonus of +22 from a normal runestaff, and the way it vibrates in tune with your voice tells you that it requires skill in twohanded weapons to use effectively.

    >look rune
    Long and slender, the runestaff is a study in shades of muted grey and green. The fireleaf shaft is coarse and gnarled, little more than a branch stripped of its leaves. At its apex, three elliptical leaves curl inward to form a gently curved pyramidal tip. The three leaves burn brightly in an orange and red hue.

    >raise rune
    You raise your runestaff over your head, and begin to chant in a melodic whisper. The leaves adorning the crown of the runestaff take on a lifelike hue, and appear to almost rustle in the wind.

    >lean rune
    As you fold your hands atop your fireleaf runestaff, dark green vines sprout from the end cap. The vines probe fruitlessly at the floor, then retract sullenly after a moment.

    >wave rune at grem
    You swing your runestaff decisively and it slices through the air to point directly at a gremlock. A haze of ruddy orange light trails in its wake from the staff's leafy crown, light which spits and sparks fitfully as it arcs to the ground.

    Dozens of long thorns suddenly grow out from the ground underneath a gremlock! Several of the thorns jab into the gremlock!
    ... hits for 21 points of damage!
    ... 20 points of damage!
    Strike pierces calf!
    It is knocked to the ground!
    The gremlock is stunned!
    ... hits for 16 points of damage!
    ... 15 points of damage!
    Loud *crack* as the gremlock's sternum breaks!
    ... hits for 23 points of damage!
    ... 20 points of damage!
    Pierced through neck, a fine shot!

    >tap rune
    You slam the butt of your runestaff against the ground, and the leaves adorning its crown blaze with fiery color. Wisps of crimson bleed off into the air, drifting slowly earthward before winking out of existence.

    A thorny vine suddenly sprouts from the ground and begins to thrash about violently!
    The thorny vine lashes out violently at a gnarled being, entangling it!

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    There were 3, I think. I believe Estild made them.
    My current items for sale or trade: Treasures in the Brambles.
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