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Thread: Critter dropped aug chain or 0x

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    Default Critter dropped aug chain or 0x

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    I don't have any leads on where to find what you're looking for. But I did want to point out in case you weren't aware that there is no PP price difference to pad armor anywhere from 0x to 4x. Padding 0x armor will cost you 3200, as will padding 4x armor. They changed this when padded stuff became player enchantable, but the wiki hasn't been updated.

    I can't think of a good reason to use premium points to pad a 0x item other than sentimental value, which doesn't apply here given you are looking for suggestions. But you may very well have one!

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    Oh lame ya wiki doesn’t say that
    standing between the living and the dead

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    The change happened a little while after the change after a couple of people took advantage of the 0x padding price

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