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    What is the ballpark for the following:

    a hooded black leather longcoat Max light/deep, weighs 1lb, significant amount

    s>look at longcoat
    Despite the faded and weathered appearance of this longcoat, it is well crafted and expertly tailored to provide an excellent fit. The sleeves and hem of the coat have frayed slightly, possibly from time spent traveling through rugged terrain. Two rows of small, tarnished veil iron buttons run the length of the coat, tightly securing it and protecting its inner pockets from prying hands and its wearer from harsh climates.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If it's already 200 pound capacity, it could fetch 10m. If not, it'll still be worth at least 5m to a buyer who has or can find those notes to make it that deep.

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    Thank you

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