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Thread: How to find who a weapon in bonded to?

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    Default How to find who a weapon in bonded to?

    Found this on the pawnshop table:
    The claidhmore has been bound, but you are unable to determine exactly whom, via Weapon Bonding.
    It doesn't include the "recently lost by" (or whatever it is) messaging that I've seen on disarmed weapons in the past, so that's not an option. Is there anyway to tell who it is bound to other than asking around?

    (If you lost a claid and would like it back, just PM me the description and we can figure out how/when to get it back to you.)
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    I think that happens when the owner bonds to another weapon without breaking the bond to that one.
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    I hope so. Big Thor Energy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koars Light View Post
    Always wondered if you and the bonded was in TSC or something and you dropped a fully bonded weapon, will it fly to the correct person’s hand?
    Strangely enough, bonding flares only flare to the bonded person, so in your scenario there is not only 0% chance it would go to the "wrong person", there is 0% chance it would do anything as this doesn't trigger the bonding flare.
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    A bard can loresing and it will say who it is bound to. I did this earlier in the week with my F2P warrior's weapon.

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    On a somewhat related note, is there a way to unbond someone else's bonded weapon? I brought a friend to the game a couple years ago, lent him a naginata, which he (warrior) bonded, then gave it back and quit the game.

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