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Thread: 10x HCP Aug Chain t0 ---> t?? 2.5m/week

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    I did a 10x hcp leather breastplate before (same -10 material modifier)... if I remember right T4 was about the limit with max secondary training, 162 sorc ranks, and +40 wis/int enhancives.
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    FYI, i got t0-t3 done on this for 2.5/week. Will likely need maxed out ensorscell sorc for t4. And t5 is basically not possible.
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    T5 should be doable with right ensorc build and enhancives. I think it'd only 20 or 30 some penalty per tier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koars Light View Post
    How hard is infusion to ensorc? Say a plain 4x unslotted-3slot fusion armor?
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    Is that on the Mohs scale?

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