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Thread: Element Attunement

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    I used my attunement as a RP tool. I went Air back when I was level 30. I like the vacuum and void flares that come with using my spells and being an Air Mage. That is just my two cents.
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    FWIW I initially thought of Askip as a lightning Mage because that was his eblade flare long before attune became a thing. Now he is mostly a fire Mage because he is enamored of the 908 ball splash, a great crowd control feature. Still, he has not found a reason to attune, it might even work against him in areas where fire or lightning flares or effects can be deadly.

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    I chose fire attunement because 502 fire is very effective against trolls and corporeal undead. Also I liked it as a setup against stone critters for shatter effect with minor acid. Fire 502 was cheapest mana cost for the effect that I found.

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