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Thread: Locker cleanout

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    Default Locker cleanout

    Selling a locker full of 50 items there may be more stuff in some of the bags:
    Weapons [7]: an onyx-runed bone claidhmore, a dark vultite cinquedea, a bone-handled vultite naginata, a leaf-bladed dagger, a ruic-stock light repeating crossbow, a wyrwood composite bow, a skinning knife
    Armor [5]: a set of jet black double leathers with crimson claw marks on the chest, an embossed vultite greatshield, a vultite greatshield, a thick illthorn buckler, a blackened vaalorn aegis
    Containers [7]: some crossed leather back sheaths, a silver bound troll hide weapon harness inlaid with prismatic rose-gold fire agates, some leather footwraps, a lion skin quiver, some leather handwraps, a thin coal black satchel, a variegated ivory linen backpack
    Clothing [1]: an onyx jackal's head symbol set in red gold
    Special [1]: a blue monkey's paw trinket

    In the ivory linen backpack:
    Weapons [1]: a dagger
    Containers [5]: an ink black brocade sack, a black webbed leather bandolier, a sinew-woven canvas field pack, a dark green cloak, an oilcloth belt
    Herbs [3]: some wolifrew lichen (3)
    Clothing [5]: a pair of chalk white pants, some tall brass-buckled boots, an old jet black bandana, an inlaid gold ring, an oilcloth hood
    Misc [1]: a travel guide token

    I don't remember the exact stats and I don't feel like wasting the time figuring it out. What I remember... 0X claid, 5x SWCW dagger, 4x Naginata, 5x crossbow, 4x doubles, 6x enhancive greatshield, 6x greatshield, 6x enhancive buckler, 6x medium aegis, the pack is an herb bundler, bandolier and back sheats are weapon displayers.

    MB: $5 Taking silver at $4 per
    CB:$20 Gemstonefella SOLD
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    Nvm thought greatshield was tower
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    They are

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