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Thread: few items sale

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    Default few items sale

    Also accepting cash at $4.5 per via Paypal. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!

    - a veniom-banded black leather back-scabbard: back worn, dual weapon displayer - 500k

    -an etched golvern greatshield: 5x, max-light - 500k

    -a white silk-lined cobalt wool cloak embroidered with silver thread: max-light (5), max-deep (200) - 2.5m

    Sold Items:
    - a pair of thick eonake-toed leather boots: - SOLD
    a pair of thick leather gauntlets with polished eonake studs: - SOLD
    -a tattered white linen greatcloak stained with russet splotches of blood: - SOLD
    -fixskills - SOLD
    -survival kit - SOLD
    -a silver-edged black vultite lance:- SOLD
    -a rune-etched ora claidhmore: - SOLD
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    I'll take the boots and gloves

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    Ill take the greatcloak

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    ill take the herb bundler if it bundles
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    I'll take the claidh
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