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Thread: WTB picker (60-70ish?)

  1. Default WTB picker (60-70ish?)

    got my rogue
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    one bump to see if I can find a picker, 50-70, thanks

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    I got a level 68 Dark Elf Rogue i might concider selling .
    Has almost 3 years of all the Login Boost Rewards saved up !
    Has fixskills so you can train in lockpicking however you want .
    Only downside is no Rogue Guild skills done , been saving that for after level 80 so to help with capping faster during those hard levels .

    You've been warned 1 time on the character XXXXXXXX. You haven't been flagged as a high maintenance customer. You're not being monitored for vulgarity. You haven't read the policy in full.

    Will supply any other info wanted , reply with PM if interested .
    I started out with nothing , and I still have most of it left !

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    another bump, still seeking picker

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