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Thread: New Style Enchanting

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    Hello Folks,

    About to cap my essence again. I'm a capped wizard maxed in all skills except wizard ranks (103), as I'm currently set higher in the 500s. I'm happy to appraise any item you're interested in having worked on before calling a bid sold.

    You're bidding on one wizard essence week, which is 16000.
    I'm currently capped at 64000 essence, which is 4 weeks.
    At 64000, you could get a 4x-5x and a 5x-6x in one sitting.


    You want me to enchant something from 5x-6x, which costs 48000 essence. You bid 3m per week. 48000/16000=3 weeks, You would pay 9m for the job

    You want one enchant from +34 to +35, which costs 26400 essence. You bid 3m per week. 26400/16000=1.65 weeks, You pay 4,950,000

    If you want a job that requires more essence then I have, I'll lock you in at your bid price through the next full enchant. For example, you want a 6x-7x enchant, it takes 6.75 weeks. I use the 4 weeks I have now, and continue to work for you through the completion of the enchant. Unless more changes are made that make collecting essence more difficult, I will easily hit my 16000 a week.

    If your project required a fancy potion due to extra properties, you will be required to pay for that potion. I'll cover the cost of normal enchanting potions.

    If there is interest, I'm going to move this along as fast as possible so I can start earning more essence.

    I'm setting the MB at 2.5m per week

    CB Gone
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    MB for a 5-6x

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    For people that are asking, I'll be around tonight after work if you want me to do a test cast on your item. I want to call this sold by the end of the night!

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    2.1 per

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    Full up on essence again!

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    And Gone.

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    are you able to do flaring stuff?
    standing between the living and the dead

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    I haven't tried under the new system. As far as I understand it, it's possible to now enchant any of the common flares with a penalty, that can be negated using a pretemper potion. A check on some 4x vacuum flaring gloves that I have shows that I could only fail on a fumble, and isn't asking for a special pretemper potion. I don't have any of the potions, but I could check the feasibility without a potion.

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