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Thread: New Style Enchanting

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    Hello Folks,

    About to cap my essence again. I'm a capped wizard maxed in all skills except wizard ranks (103). I'm happy to appraise any item you're interested in having worked on before calling a bid sold.

    You're bidding on one wizard essence week, which is 16000.
    I'm currently capped at 64000 essence, which is 4 weeks.
    At 64000, you could get a 4x-5x and a 5x-6x in one sitting.


    You want me to enchant something from 5x-6x, which costs 48000 essence. You bid 3m per week. 48000/16000=3 weeks, You would pay 9m for the job

    You want one enchant from +34 to +35, which costs 26400 essence. You bid 3m per week. 26400/16000=1.65 weeks, You pay 4,950,000

    If you want a job that requires more essence then I have, I'll lock you in at your bid price through the next full enchant. For example, you want a 6x-7x enchant, it takes 6.75 weeks. I use the 4 weeks I have now, and continue to work for you through the completion of the enchant. Unless more changes are made that make collecting essence more difficult, I will easily hit my 16000 a week.

    If your project required a fancy potion due to extra properties, you will be required to pay for that potion. I'll cover the cost of normal enchanting potions.

    Price is 2.5m/week
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    MB for a 5-6x

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    For people that are asking, I'll be around tonight after work if you want me to do a test cast on your item. I want to call this sold by the end of the night!

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    2.1 per

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    Full up on essence again!

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    And Gone.

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    are you able to do flaring stuff?
    standing between the living and the dead

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    I haven't tried under the new system. As far as I understand it, it's possible to now enchant any of the common flares with a penalty, that can be negated using a pretemper potion. A check on some 4x vacuum flaring gloves that I have shows that I could only fail on a fumble, and isn't asking for a special pretemper potion. I don't have any of the potions, but I could check the feasibility without a potion.

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