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Thread: Brawling bonus fire flaring aventail

  1. Default Brawling bonus fire flaring aventail

    A thick vultite aventail
    Weight: 2 pounds
    Enhancive bonus: 7 to Brawling Bonus (Level 17 required)
    Charges remaining: more than your average giantman could count.
    Persists on enhancive.
    Fire flares

    MB: 3.5m CB: SOLD on BO to Donut.

    BO: 7m
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    I'll meet the MB.

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    Can you wear an aventail with a greathelm?
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    No, helm only.

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    you could wear aventail with greathelm

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    Mine didn't, both should cover neck unless the aventail is neckworn non armor somehow?

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    >wear aven
    You hang a metal aventail around your neck.
    >get my greath
    You remove a scratched vultite greathelm from in your treasure bag.
    >wear my greath
    You put a scratched vultite greathelm on your head.

    guess it works?

    I'll go 4m on it
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    You can technically wear 3 aventails and a greathelm

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    Quote Originally Posted by rolfard View Post
    You can technically wear 3 aventails and a greathelm
    adred#0111 (discord)

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    Yes wearing three aventails is actually a really good idea. You can get a different warrior resistance added to each one, and they all stack. Plus you get get yet another resistance applied to your neck from the coverage on a greathelm, and still another resistance applied to your neck from full coverage armor. It would definitely reduce death by hits to the neck.

    You could take it even further and get a different ranger resistance applied to each one too (plus to the greathelm and the full coverage armor). Your neck would be nigh invincible!
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