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Thread: 7x vhcp(11 CER) T5 ensorc, T2 ithzir escape tree unlocked cloth/robe armor

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    Default 7x vhcp(11 CER) T5 ensorc, T2 ithzir escape tree unlocked cloth/robe armor

    sold and delivered
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    Quote Originally Posted by Luntz View Post
    Nice item to upgrade during DR in a couple months. 2 ithzir unlocks from DR = 150k bs

    a krolvin skin shirt, 7x vhcp(11 points) T5 ensorc robes/cloth armor, T2 ithzir escape tree unlocked, 20% chance 8x per day(upgradeable) to move you to an adjacent room and sanct the room, 150mil or $600 paypal only

    You analyze your krolvin skin shirt and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

    The creator has also provided the following information:
    This shirt offers a chance to interrupt an attack when you are stunned, webbed, rooted, immobilized, unconscious, or prone.
    This is Base armor, and will fire up to 8 times per day to move you in a random direction. It has special messaging for WEAR, REMOVE, and CLEAN.
    It can be altered freely, within normal armor altering guidelines. Because some of the messaging refers to buckles and straps, nothing that completely conflicts with that concept should be done.

    This shirt is at unlock level 2.

    Flare Chance Tree: Tier 0
    Status Condition Tree: Tier 0
    Healing Tree: Tier 0
    Charges / Escape Tree: Tier 2

    You can tell that the shirt is as light as it can get.
    Is this Old Navy? I want double leathers!!!!!!!111one

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