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Thread: The passing of Lissanne/Demianna

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    Default The passing of Lissanne/Demianna

    For those of you that have not heard or do not read the official boards, the sad new of the passing of one of our own came all to soon for dear Nancy.

    A message sent to Helden Hall members from her husband was posted by Roblar on the officials, as follows:

    <<Dear Friends and Comrades of Lady Lissanne,

    On Saturday evening at approximately 10pm, Nancy Stoltzman, who you know as Lady Lissanne or possibly under guise of another character, unexpectedly passed away. For the last 25+ years she had been fighting diabetes and its associated problems such as heart and kidney disease, glaucoma, retinoprathy and nueropathy. Nancy passed swiftly and we are sure there was no suffering.

    Throughout the years Nancy's passion for her characters, Helden Hall and the lands never dimmed. She talked often about the game, what she was doing and the people/characters she interacted with. We sometimes kidded her but she never backed down from continuing to play, always fueling that passion. She always said gaming and reading were her escape from the stress of real life, and her active imagination made it all real for a while. You were all considered fellow travelers in the land; warrior, healer, cleric, bard, or whatever your character, you also were a friend and family.

    I thank you all for sharing this alternate and sometimes the real world with my Nancy. You all made her life a true adventure beyond the everyday one. I pray that she will live on in your heart and in some way, she touched you the way you touched her. May she always be Lady Lissanne.>>

    Rest in Peace dear lady.
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    She posted as Beguiler here.
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    Sad to hear, she was a good person.

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    So sorry to hear about this. She was one of the highlights of Helden Hall and a great person to be around.

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