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Thread: Storytelling - Niiman, the 16th day of Ivastaen, in the year 5119

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    Default Storytelling - Niiman, the 16th day of Ivastaen, in the year 5119

    [Obsidian Tower, Greatroom]
    The warmth radiating from the smokeless blue fires of an enchanted hearth make an excellent counterpoint to the storm-lashed sky the window displays. Stuffed leather chairs and couches sit about the room, giving the room a homey feel. Servants in cloaks with deep hoods wander in and out occasionally, carrying trays loaded with exotic culinary delights. Flashes of lightning highlight the intricately carved motif that covers the western wall, throwing odd shadows across it, and a crystal-paned ebon marble case sits nearby. You also see a smoked glaes door, a roughly carved block of obsidian, a silver tray with some stuff on it and a black marble table with a small obsidian rose pin on it.
    Also here: Great Lady Faruza who is kneeling, Alisette, Eoghain

    It has been widely known for some time that the Dhe'nar have for millenia devoted themelves to The Way in order to achieve Ascension and take their rightful place alongside the Arkati.

    What is less well known is that, as a People, we are close to realizing this goal.

    Several decades ago as time is told here in the Northlands, it became apparent to us that the Arkati had grown curious about our endeavors.

    How do we know this, you ask? A whisper in the wind, a dream, a pattern of smoke in the hallways of Shialos du S'karli. In these ways and more can the Priests divine the Truth from the world around them.

    I myself have spoken with a Temple guard who tells the story of a dark night in the halls of the Great Mountain during which he was approached by what seemed to be a time-worn member of the Priesthood.

    At first he was alarmed because he had never seen this member of The Family before, which in and of itself would be unusual. The alarm turned to curiosity when he noticed that, when the torchlight flickered a certain way, the eyes of this individual appeared to briefly glint with a yellowish coloration.

    ...the exact details of that particular encounter are not important here. It was not the first, nor the last, time that one of the Arkati was seen in Sharath.

    It may have been noticed that the number of the Dhe'nar in the Northlands seems to fluctuate wildly. That many of us are seen going about these lands for some time, only to "disappear," and then return some months/ even years later. This is no random happenstance.

    Nineteen years ago, a Council was called to order in the halls of the Library of the Way. It continues to this day, and likely will for some time to come. In almost all cases, the "disappearances" of Dhe'nar from the Northlands is due to the summons they receive to appear before this Council.

    I will not, of course, go into the details of what is being/has been discussed in these years of inquiry. There is, however, one Judgement that I am permitted to share. A judgement that has proven most.... controversial... among the People.

    It has been decreed that those individuals of Proven Blood who yet still show signs of some form of the taint of Arkati influence shall no longer be destroyed upon discovery. They are to be watched, and studied. Allowed to exist and to explore this bond that certain of the Servants of the Drakes seem to wish to create.

    Until such time as these bonds no longer serve the will of the Dhe'nar, at which point the Council will revise its Judgement.

    -Ta'stry'noi Avaia Daemones

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    Awesome read, thank you for sharing and thanks for reminding me about this folder!
    Rohese's GS Wiki page

    You arrange yourself on the throne.

    You attend to your gold wirework circlet, carefully smoothing the hair underneath, and adopt a regal air as you survey the area.

    You think to yourself, "I got this"

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