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Thread: Thin Copper Armband +10 wis stat 30 min.......

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    Default Thin Copper Armband +10 wis stat 30 min.......

    Thin Copper Armband (pinworn)

    Wisdom self-charger
    +10 WIS Base for 30 minutes when INVOKED. Doesn't have to be worn after invoked to keep enhancive.
    5 charge pool
    gains a charge every 4 hr

    *Does not go over +40 cap for enhancives*

    You gesture at a thin copper armband.
    You delve into the enchantments woven through the form of the copper armband, noting that it will slowly gather power and replenish itself. It appears that the process is a slow one, and that the armband is available to be used five times over the span of approximately every 4 hours.

    Your magic swirls around the surface of the copper armband, attracted to it like a moth to the flame. Faint streamers of mana crackle from your hand to the copper armband, as it appears to be charged with power and ready to be manipulated.

    Interested in trading for this find piece of craftsmanship send a tell my way

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    Really nice item for semis and squares, who will probably use their enhancive slots to max out other stats/skills different than wisdom. That means they dont have max wisdom, and so this basically gives +5 spiritual TD, can really help semis and squares
    The enhancive king of chicago

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    Sending it back up top

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