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Thread: Mounts - Boycott or Embrace?

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  1. Default Mounts - Boycott or Embrace?

    With the steady climb toward item min/maxing through Dusk and other events; it was bound to happen that a new “it” item would make it’s way toward the surface.

    I think mounts will be just-as if not more wanted/integral to one’s character as a person’s primary weapon. I think they will have massive mechanical implications (ala fighting on horseback, the charge CMAN, and them even being able to drag a stunned/prone character from room to room).

    Couple that with the fact that mounts will probably be ultra zesty/scriptable with the pokemon-esque factor of raising/training them to unlock new abilities and you have an item that will be weapons-grade addictive.

    But will this be ‘good’ for our community? Knowing what we know about GemStone players can something like this be harmful to us even on a personal level? Many of us can’t seem to control ourGemStone fix and some I know personally on here it’s beginning to affect their personal lives.

    Overall, it seems like a whole new avenue for them to take our money but I can see it being highly entertainibg for those of us who can afford it.

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