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Thread: Miscellaneous items for sale!

  1. Default Miscellaneous items for sale!

    Items will be sold as once, twice, thrice and sold. I will update once a day as I can. Pick up available in Icemule, Landing and Solhaven only. No FWI access. Thank you!

    a felt-wrapped dark villswood runestaff - 100k NEW PRICE
    It's a plain jane runestaff enchanted to +26 (indigo beam at the AI Crystal). It has the Ghezresh flare voucher on it. That means when flares are added to it, depending on the type, you get a unique Ghezresh zesty flare.
    Custom Flare Messaging

    Remember! The unique messaging will only show when the flare is added. Only certain flares apply!
    For Moonshard Pendants- Classic looks.

    a flat etched stone - 10k
    Carved into the top of the stone is the "!i!-" rune.

    a flat etched stone- 10k
    Carved into the top of the stone is the "OOO" rune

    a flat etched stone- 10k
    Carved into the top of the stone is the "v--v" rune


    a multi-colored paintbrush- 10k 20k Mgoddess sold
    Face painting paintbrush- 45 uses left.
    currently the designs you can use on the multi-colored paintbrush are:
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    10k on 2 dif bard parchment

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    Mb on multi-colored paintbrush- 10k

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    MB on a fossilized jellyfish tentacle
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    20k on each bard prep, thank you!

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    50k on each bard prep, thank you!

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    20k silvers on the paintbrush, please!
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    I apologize for the length of time it took to update this! Life sometimes gets in the way.

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    a fossilized jellyfish tentacle- 30k

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    75k for each of the song sheets

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