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    I have a wedding coming up and while i have worked out most of the details, there is one that needs to be figured out.

    What is a good gift for the cleric performing the ceremony?

    Ideas? Suggestions?

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    Red Wedding.

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    Just like with real life, money.

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    Get one of those scripted prayer alter type deals that change messages based on your deity. They're rare-ish and the cleric probably won't have one already, but also won't break the bank to buy. They were from some old event, but the stupid dollhouse event spat out a good amount of them last time it was around. Or just get something that aligns to the cleric's deity in general.
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    Wine and a travel biscuit. If they don't appreciate it, burn them for heresy.

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    Thanks for the great ideas!!

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    Candle sticks. Candle sticks are always good.
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    Maybe anything like toaster, microwave or other technique? It seems, any new family needs them.

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    Maybe anything like toaster, microwave or other technique? It seems, any new family needs them.
    Yeah, toasters and microwaves are techniques. Dumb ass bots.
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